Table of Contents


  1. Principles of Action in General
  2. Civil Society
  3. The Church Militant and Civil Society
  4. Particular Historical and Contemporary Cases
  5. Speculative Philosophy

1.  Principles of Action in General

The Good, the Highest Good, and the Common Good
Edmund Waldstein, O.Cist.

The Foundations of Christian Ethics and Social Order
Peter Kwasniewski
Part IPart II

Brief Introduction to the Concept of Right
Elliot Milco

Contrasting Concepts of Freedom
Edmund Waldstein, O.Cist.

2.  Civil Society

2.1. Ends of Civil Society

The Dignity of Politics and the End of the Polity
Henri Grenier

Part III of The Good, the Highest Good, and the Common Good
Edmund Waldstein, O.Cist.

On Political Atheism
Tommaso Maria Cardinal Zigliara, OP

2.2. Component Parts of Civil Society

2.2.1. Domestic Society Its Relation to Civil Society

Aristotle’s Account of the Relationship of the Household to the State
Beatrice Freccia
Part IPart II

On the Relation of the Individual Person and the Family to Civil Society (Against Personalism)
Henri Grenier

The End of the Family and the End of Civil Society
Charles De Koninck Private Ownership

The Lawfulness and Social Character of Private Ownership
Henri Grenier

2.2.2. The Lawgiver Nature of Sovereignty

Notes on the Relationship between Sovereignty and Commonwealth
Elliot Milco Legitimacy

A Note on the Legitimacy of Governments
Daniel Lendman

Dubium: When is Any Government “Legitimate”?
Felix de St. Vincent

Dissolving the Concept of Political Legitimacy
Elliot Milco

On the Subject of Civil Authority, and On Resistance to Tyranny
Henri Grenier

The Duties and Rights of Subjects toward the Civil Power
Tommaso Maria Cardinal Zigliara, OP

The Illegitimate State as Chastisement
Gregory de Rivière-Blanche

2.3. Possible Forms of Government

Republican Liberty and the Common Good in the American Tradition
Felix de St. Vincent

Logos and Leviathan: Leonine Perspectives on Democracy

2.4. International Society

World Government is Required by Natural Law
Henri Grenier

2.5. Alternative Theories of Civil Society

Theses and Responses on Antiamericanism

Fisher Ames: Forgotten Critic of the American Regime

Have the Principles of the Right been Discredited?
Gabriel Sanchez

3.  The Church Militant and Civil Society

3.1. General Questions

3.1.1. Catholic Integralism in General

Integralism in Three Sentences
Edmund Waldstein, O.Cist.

Integralism and Gelasian Dyarchy
Edmund Waldstein, O.Cist.

Exhortation to the Restoration of Christendom
Dom Gérard, Abbot of Le Barroux

A Reflection on St. Pius X and Contemporary Approaches to Catholic Social Teaching
Gabriel Sanchez

Catholic Integralism and the Social Kingship of Christ
Gabriel Sanchez

Dubium: Is Integralism Essentially Bound Up with Racism, Nationalism, and Totalitarianism?
Gabriel Sanchez

The Lake Garda Statement: On the Ecclesial and Civilizational Crisis
The Roman Forum

3.1.2. The Catholic State

The Catholic State: Anachronism, Arch-enemy, or Archetype?
by Peter Kwasniewski

The Question of Res publica Christiana in Post-conciliar Catholic Doctrines
John Rao
Part IPart IIPart III

On the Subordination of the State to the Church
Tommaso Maria Cardinal Zigliara, OP

3.1.3. Religious Liberty

The Young St. Thomas on Tolerating Heretics

Religious Liberty and Tradition
Edmund Waldstein, O.Cist.
Part IPart IIPart IIIPart IV

Dubium: Can the State Limit Non-Catholic Religions?
Edmund Waldstein, O.Cist.

A Critique of John Locke’s Letter Concerning Toleration
Derek Remus
Part IPart II ­– Part III

Locke’s Doctrine of Toleration: A Contract with Nothingness
Jeffrey Bond
Part IPart IIPart III

On Liberty of Conscience
Tommaso Maria Cardinal Zigliara, OP

On Liberty of Cult
Tommaso Maria Cardinal Zigliara, OP

3.2. The Restoration of Society

3.2.1. Catholic Action

Notes on the Foundation of Catholic Action
Elliot Milco

3.2.2. Education

On the Modes of Teaching
Jeffrey Bond
Part IPart IIPart III

On the Utility and Necessity of Prohibiting Harmful Books
St. Alphonsus Liguori

On Liberty of Teaching
Tommaso Maria Cardinal Zigliara, OP

4.  Particular Historical and Contemporary Cases

15 Ways to be a More Effective Pro-Life Advocate

Can Non-Catholics be Martyrs?

An Editorial Note
Elliot Milco

Charlie Hebdo and the Illiberal Catholic

Quare Lacrymae
Pope Pius VI

A Catholic Political Party in Wilhelmine Germany
Golo Mann

A Request to our Readers
Elliot Milco

Can Catholics Accept the “Marriage Pledge”?

Can Catholics Accept the “Marriage Pledge”? — A Reply
Gabriel Sanchez

Gloria TV Interview with Cardinal Burke

St. Bernard and the Theology of Crusade
Benet Oxon

5.  Speculative Philosophy

A Critical Review of Kant’s First Critique
Elliot Milco