What is the Josias?

The Josias was founded as the mouthpiece of a small community of men and women seeking to articulate an authentically Catholic political stance from which to approach the present order of society. We are clerics and laymen, academics and professionals, secular and religious. Our goal, broadly speaking, is to make this site a working manual for those who wish to bring their faith into the public square and resist the tides of liberalism, modernism, and ignorance of tradition which have, in the past century, so harmed the Church and tied her hands in the struggle to advance the social reign of Christ.

In addition to articles examining the principles of Catholic politics, we offer readers translations of significant, formerly unavailable texts, occasional reflections on various topics (philosophical, theological, and political), as well as applications of principle to current events, and responses to common questions and objections. We welcome you to the site, and pray that our work here will be fruitful for you and for building up the Body of Christ. Should you desire to contribute something for publication in these pages, please contact us here.

Elliot Milco
Pater Edmund Waldstein, O.Cist.

Peter Kwasniewski
Jeffrey Bond
Derek Remus
Beatrice Freccia
Benet Oxon


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