The Josias Podcast, Episode IV: Nature, Natural Ends, and the Enlightenment (Part 2)

Building off our previous conversation, this episode (iTunes, Soundcloud, Google Play) takes the question of nature and natural ends more into the modern era. What’s going on with natural order in the work of modern philosophers like Descartes, Hume, and Kant? What should we think about all of this? What does Pope Francis say? We promise it won’t put you to sleep, unless you’re trying to fall asleep.


The Josias Podcast, Episode IV: Nature, Natural Ends, and the Enlightenment (Part 1)

Do rocks have purpose? Are they essentially headed somewhere? What about plants? Humans? The stars? In part one of this episode (iTunes, Soundcloud, Google Play) we touch on a bunch of questions related to the idea that the universe is ordered and things have intrinsic ends. The episode kicks off with some awesome music taken from the film Koyaanisqatsi, and continues with a riveting discussion of Aristotle, celestial bodies, and the implications of the idea of intrinsic ends for our worldview at large.


The Josias Podcast, Episode III: Basic Concepts – Right, Rights, and the Law

What does it mean for something to be someone’s “right”? What is “a right”? Turns out “right” and “law” are closer in meaning than you might think. Joined by a guest, in this episode (iTunes, Soundcloud, Google Play) we cover the main points of classical and modern rights theory. Along the way we’ll talk about Spanish painters, Austrian democracy, and what to do when a mob of townspeople destroys your property.

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The Josias Podcast, Episode II: Basic Concepts – Integralism

Antiliberalism? Illiberalism? Crypto-neo-facsco-socialist-theocracy? In this episode (iTunes, Soundcloud, Google Play), we discuss a variety of jargon terms used to describe different schools of Catholic political thought. And we talk about Freemasons. And Mozart. And Sicilian uprisings. And many other things. We had so much fun we just kept going for 90 minutes, so pace yourself, dear listener. Lots of goodness ahead.

The Josias Podcast, Episode I: Basic Concepts – The Common Good

“The Common Good” is a bland, empty phrase that gets tossed around a lot. In our inaugural podcast, (SoundCloud, iTunes) the editors of The Josias are here to take back The Common Good and give it some substance. Along the way we’ll encounter some Nazis, do battle with unnamed French Thomists, and record and delete an entire 12 minute segment about Schubert.