An Editorial Note

In a post published this morning, Stomachosus attempted to draw several distinctions in response to the widespread veneration by Roman Catholics of the recent Coptic martyrs in Libya. It has come to our attention, however, that certain phrases given in Stomachosus’s reflection, including the application of the term “schismatic” without sufficient consideration of the complexity of the present state of relations between the Coptic Orthodox Church and Rome, may have been offensive and scandalous to some of our readers. It was neither my own intention as Editor, upon publishing the piece, nor that of Stomachosus, when he wrote it, to adopt a polemical or demeaning tone toward our Coptic brethren, or toward any of the Eastern Churches. We understand that over the past two centuries strides have been taken toward the unification of the Churches, and I, as editor, apologize for any scandal caused by the use of the term, to the extent that it is inaccurate. Much more could be said both on the subject of Roman-Coptic relations, and the veneration of the saints. In the meanwhile, we pray for the repose of the souls of those who were murdered, and honor the courage with which they died, which seems clearly to have been a demonstration of what Christ describes in the last of the beatitudes given at his Sermon on the Mount. We pray also for all persecuted Christians, especially those who are being slaughtered for Christ’s sake at the hands of the Islamic militants. May the raging of the gentiles force us into a closer unity in Christ, under the mantle of the Blessed Virgin, in union with the successors of St. Peter, the great martyr of Rome.

Elliot Milco